Artisan Cheeses

At My Artisano Foods, we recognize that our decisions affect the health of our community and the environment. Therefore, our artisan cheeses are made with milk free of antibiotics and hormones, and probiotic cultures. We know that our products will be a delicious experience to your palate and you will come back for more.

Sharon Creek Cheese 

Our bloomy rind cheese named after Sharon Creek in Sharonville Ohio.  This cheese has a soft texture with notes of cream, earth, and mushroom.  Enjoy with family and friends, complement with fig jam, dry fruits, honey & nuts, or part of special recipes.




 This washed rind cheese is named after Grisard Field, which was the first dirt runway (est. 1922) in Blue Ash Ohio. Inspired after Italian piedmont washed rind cheeses. This cheese has an aroma of mountain flowers with gentle notes of fermenting fruit, and hay.  Made with pasteurized cow’s milk, salt cultures, and vegetarian rennet. Enjoy with risotto, salads, pasta or on a board with pears, apples, prosciutto.

Mediterranean Feta Cheese

This is a tangy crumbly fresh cheese inspired on traditional Mediterranean cheeses.  Ideal for gyros, salads or topping for pizzas or crackers.  Naturally made with pasteurized cows’ milk, probiotic cultures, and vegetarian-friendly rennet.



Mozzarella Cheese

 The most known Italian cheese.  Simply “fresh, delicious and autentico” (verbatim from Italian friends). Made of pasteurized cows’ milk, natural cultures, and rennet.  Enjoy with salads, pizzas, and many more favorite Italian recipes.



Hand Stretched Cheese

HandStretchedCheese-QuesoDeMano_FEATURED In few words, “simply delicious”, a Venezuelan style cheese.  Handmade “pasta filata” cheese like mozzarella discs (medallions). Made of pasteurized cow milk, cultures and rennet. This chewy cheese has a silky look with sweet and light tangy taste. Enjoy with cachapas, arepas, quesadillas, it is also an excellent addition to salads, Caprese salad, focaccias, paninis, crackers, Lasagna and Pizza.


Guayanes Cheese

 This is a Venezuelan style cheese, a delightful stretched “pasta filata” style cheese with a semi-soft texture and sweet mild flavor. Made of pasteurized cows’ milk, natural cultures and rennet. This cheese melts easily, can be enjoyed alone or with cachapas, arepas, crackers, many appetizers or any other plate where this cheese can be a delightful flavor contrast. It is also good for Lasagna and Pizza.


Caprino Bianco – Goat Cheese

This cheese is inspired on Italian bloomy rind cheeses and made with goat milk. It has a nice mild sharp paste, with nut, earth and grass notes. Enjoy on a board with sweet tangy condiments, plums or cured meats.




You can sample a variety of  cheeses with our Cheeselover  Box.