Cheese Lovers Club

My Artisano Foods has multiple offerings for the Cheese Lover

We offer you home delivery or pick up of:

Artisan cheeses with pairings, Artisan Cheese Boards or simply just seasonal cheeses. So you can enjoy with or gift to family, friends, clients or employees.

Or you can simply call us and we can customize to your plans!

 Click to Order or call us at (513)399-7028CHEESE CULTURE CLASSES

This is a great opportunity to enjoy time with your family, friends or

co-workers, while you learn about the cheese culture

and get to taste them.

We currently offer three classes:

Mozzarella Making – Stretch your own mozzarella

Cheese PairingsLearn about cheese board pairings

Cheese Sensory Evaluation – Learn about the diverse kinds of cheeses

To schedule your class, please call (513)399-7028 or email