At My Artisano Foods our goal is to share our love for artisan cheeses, and we became in January 2013 the first Urban Creamery in Cincinnati.

We make artisan cheeses that people love.  Our cheeses are naturally made and inspired after artisan fresh, soft-ripen and semi-hard style cheeses.

Our unique cheese’s character comes from:

Our love and dedication in making each single batch of cheese

The quality and taste of the milk from grass-fed happy cows

The use of natural cultures provides a healthy unique taste

The names of our cheeses honor our community and origins

  Cheese Lovers!



Discover new cheeses and delicious pairings today!!

Worry free for what cheeses and pairings

to enjoy with family or friends.

Each box includes two kinds of cheeses, one condiment jar, and a small sleeve of crackers.

The Artisan Cheese Box current content is:

Caprino Bianco – Bloomy rind goat cheese (7 oz), Sharon Creek – Bloomy rind cow cheese (5 oz), fruit condiment jar (6 oz), and a small sleeve of crackers (4 oz)

To Order, click on our Square Online Store link below:



You can choose to pick up at our cheese shop or deliver to your door


 Greater Cincinnati can order our cheeses at

Ohio Valley Food Connection


2015 Snail of Approval Award